Friday, August 13, 2010

I Musturbate With My Sister

NGC 6888 (Nebulosa Crescent)

located in the constellation Cygnus, in about 4700 light years away from Earth, the Crescent diffuse nebula is a remnant of a 'supernova explosion which, because of its high rate of expansion, in the short span several millennia of his subject completely disperse into the interstellar medium, finally disappearing from the sky. Inside you can detect a star class Wolf-Rayet ( the HD 192163). The stars belonging to this category are stellar objects of particular interest to the scientific community because, in the terminal phase of their lives, can create or GRB bursts , given the currently most powerful explosions of energy known in the 'Universe.


- Tarquinia, August 7, 2010
- Ottica principale GSO Newton 8" F/5
- Fotocamera Canon EOS 350D modificata
- Guida con CCD Lodestar
- 15 pose RGB da 5 min.+15 h-alfa da 10 min.+10 Dark


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